About Us

Most retailers will show you millions of outfits, brands and looks.They may as well just be saying "good luck finding something that fits you, suits you and is in your price range". 

Enclothed started to solve this. We first find out what you like and what fits you. We then present you with just the things we know you'll love or need. Giving you a better way to shop.

The Founders


Levi is co-founder of Enclothed. Levi studied journalism and prior to Enclothed, Levi was head of sales at a branding and marketing firm. Levi now heads up the sales and marketing team at Enclothed.


Dana is co-founder of Enclothed. Prior to Enclothed, Dana began her career in fashion with a BSc in Fashion management, followed by an MSc from Imperial College London. Dana then continued her career in the city as a technology consultant and now heads the styling and technology department at Enclothed.

The Team