Football has been an integral part of British culture for over 150 years.<

Since the season is now in full swing, we thought we’d put together 3 simple top tips for you to enjoy the game in the most stylish way possible.

But firstly, where you need to go is equally important!

Key games coming up:

17/09    13:30      Chelsea vs Arsenal                   Sky Sports Premier League  

17/09    16:00      Manchester Utd vs Everton     Sky Sports Premier League  

23/09    12:30      West Ham  vs Tottenham         Sky Sports Premier League  


Don’t miss a kick: London’s top locations to enjoy the match: 

  1. Matchbox, Shoreditch - For an affordable yet sophisticated bar with several 55 inch plasma TV screens, we recommend Matchbox in the heart of East London. On Fridays and Saturdays there is also a post-match resident DJ spinning all your favourite party tracks - great for celebrating, or drowning your sorrows!
  1. Riley’s, Haymarket - Based in the heart of London’s theatre land, Riley’s sports bar is packed with entertainment for all. With over 34 screens showing more than 70 sports channels, pool, ping pong tables, 4 bars, & DJ nights, they are a solid choice to watch the game with a group of friends.
  1. Famous 3 Kings, Fulham - If you’re based in West London we recommend the Famous 3 Kings, voted the best sports pub in Great Britain 2016. With affordable pints, 3 big screens, 13 plasmas, and 6 audio zones, they have the capacity to show 14 different games at any given time. Walk in’s are always welcome.
  1. Carlsberg Sports Bar, Leicester Square - The official Carlsberg Sports Bar in London aims to fulfil any sports fan’s dreams. Boasting two giant screens and 14 more spread across the venue, they cover all football 24/7. The bar is strategically placed overlooking the gaming floor, so you don’t have to worry about missing even a minute of the action!

Now, key tips for what to wear?

Layering is Important:

Whether you’re watching a match at the stadium with a pint in your hand, or at your local pub with friends, layering is essential. Aside from being the practical solution to the transition into autumn, layering is a great way of bringing together different textures and colours, adding individuality to your outfit. Jackets, scarves, & knitwear are the key components of layering. Invest in 1-2 of each of these to ensure you’re always covered!

 For first pick of our AW17 knitwear, speak to your personal stylist now!

Comfort is Key

Here at Enclothed, we know you don’t have to compromise on style, in order to be comfortable.

If you prefer to watch the match from the relaxed setting of your own living room, we’ve got you covered! The Enclothed styling team are now working with brands that are using a ‘smart’ fabric initiative. ‘Smart’ technology allows much more air to flow in and out of fabrics keeping you cool and comfortable at all times, on the move or on the sofa.

Want to know which brand? Speak to your stylist

For a cosy Sunday afternoon game, we recommend knits composed of a wool-blend. Wool creates a natural insulation, due to the pockets of air that the fabric creates. It’s also light-weight, so you never feel like you’re wearing layers upon layers of clothing. 

Out with the Old, In with the New

During these transitional months, you need to reassess your wardrobe. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the spring… If you manage to tear yourself away from the penalty shoot-outs, dedicate a Sunday afternoon to clearing out any items you haven’t worn in over a year. Make room for key autumnal staples that are going to update your wardrobe in both style and functionality.

Jeans and jumpers are great pieces for any football occasion!


The good news?

You can now clear out your wardrobe, and order key updates tailored to your style and fit with us! Read more about our partnership with the British Heart Foundation here:


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