Whether you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, or a crowded journey on the tube; there is a podcast out there for you! From fashion to fitness, here are our top picks to keep the boredom at bay and help to make your commute go a little quicker.

Stuff You Should Know

Tackling everything from the secret service to how magic mushrooms work, Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark will feed your curiosity and keep you more than entertained while you make your way into work. Every episode uncovers a new topic, and will leave you feeling much more knowledgeable than before.

Perfect for: Anyone looking for pub-quiz glory.


Yahoo Style’s new podcast; #Unbuttoned, takes a look at everything from Kanye West’s new range, to red carpet glamour. With insights into all things style, interviews with industry experts and even a few games of Cards Against humanity; this is a great way to get your fashion fix without the fluff.

Perfect for: Anyone fashion-focused.

Art of Charm

Aiming to help ‘ordinary people become extraordinary’, Jordan Harbinger covers a whole range of different areas of personal development. Along with top business and life-hackers, such as Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss, he will coach you through strategies that can improve everything from your career, to your love life. This podcast will help you feel motivated and more confident before you even reach the office. 

Perfect for: Anyone needing some motivation.

Men in Blazers

Hosts, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, share their insightful analysis of the British Premier League, along with their views on the American MLS which is gradually growing in popularity across the pond. This podcast is great for anyone serious about the game, but looking for something that goes a little against the grain.

Perfect for: Any football fanatics.


Investigative journalism at its absolute finest; Serial has already been hailed as a podcast phenomenon. In the first series Sarah Koenig and her crew explored the conviction of Adnan Syed – and was so impactful it resulted in Syed getting a retrial. If you haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon yet, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Perfect for: Anyone who loved Making a Murderer.

Strength & Scotch Podcast

If you’re looking for quality training advice with a side of humour, Strength & Scotch Podcast will be music to your ears. Hosts, Grant and Heavey, provide honest coaching advice, while exploring some of the fad diets and fitness trends that are sweeping the nation. 

Perfect for: Anyone interested in fitness.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

And finally; what do you do when you find out that your 60-year-old father has written an erotic, X-rated novel? Record a podcast where you read it aloud for thousands of listeners, of course! Join Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Radio 1’s Alice Levine for an hour of laugh-out-loud moments as they read a new chapter each week. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

Perfect for: Anyone in need of a good laugh.

So, if you’d rather spend your commute catching up on some of these podcasts than trying to stock your Winter wardrobe, we have the answer...

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