It is often hard to find the motivation to work out in the winter months...

If you're starting to lack motivation to go for a run or go the gym, here are some tips to keep you moving this winter!

#4: Set yourself a challenge

It's a lot easier to plan your workouts, and stay focused if you have a specific event or goal to train for. Whether it's a big challenge; like a half marathon, or simply weight loss goal you want to achieve by a certain date, having your eye on the prize is a great way to maintain momentum.

Option: Download a free fitness app to help you monitor your progress. We recommend this one.

#3: Wardrobe Overhaul

Whether it's new gym gear to keep you looking sharp on the treadmill, or a new outfit for the Christmas party season that you want to look great in, nothing quite gives you the boost to look, and feel your best like a wardrobe update! 

No time to shop? Let one of our personal stylists help you find the clothes you love, and deliver them to your door.

Option: Invest in a shirt or a pair of jeans that are smaller than your current size, to give you the added incentive to stay on track.

#2: Find A Gym Buddy

Training with somebody else is an excellent way to increase accountability, and push yourself a little harder than you might do if you were alone. If you're exercising with someone else you're more likely to stick to a schedule, which makes it harder to ditch the gym for a pint with your colleagues. 

If you manage to find a friend to train with, we guarantee you will achieve your fitness goals faster and make your exercise regime a lot more enjoyable.

Option: If you get bored of the treadmill and the bench press after a few weeks, try a 2 player sport like tennis or squash.

#1: Reward Yourself!

Break your main fitness goal up into 3 stages, and reward yourself when you reach each stage. Not necessarily with a McDonalds or a takeaway, but something that actually makes you feel good; tickets to see a band you like, or an Enclothed box filled with all your favourite brands and products. 

There is nothing more satisfying than working towards a goal, achieving it, and then giving yourself a well-deserved reward.

Option: To stop yourself from slipping back into old habits once you have reached your target weight, sign up to an exercise-related activity that is a few months away. We recommend a charity run, or a cycling festival.