Packing for a city break is a whole different challenge compared to packing for, say, a beach holiday, especially because of the unpredictability of inner-city weather. It’s really important that you get the most out of what you’re bringing as well as avoiding wasting space on unnecessary items. Good preparation, planning and some useful packing advice is par for the course if you want a stress-free journey and it will also mean your trip is likely to go a whole lot smoother if you’re fully prepared.

The Holdall

There are lots of great luggage options currently available but one of the best has to be a Ted Baker holdall. It’s easy to over-pack for a city break, especially if you’re trying to plan for every possible contingency. But if it’s a short break the chances are you need hand luggage only which means you need to pack as light as possible. A luxury Ted Baker holdall will make this job easier as they are the perfect size for hand luggage and will keep their shape well, thus protecting the contents. Not only that, they will coordinate well with any outfit and ensure you look sophisticated throughout the journey!

The Outfits

Rule number one when packing for any break is to consider the weather and choose your outfits accordingly. However, preparing for unpredictable weather is hard to do at home in the UK when you have a full wardrobe to choose from, so doing the same job with a small bag of clothes might seem like mission impossible. Our first tip is to only take one pair of shoes as this will save loads of room for everything else. A great choice is a pair of brogues because they are versatile, classic and work well with smart or casual outfits. Another great space-saving tip is to take one practical and also smart jacket and wear it on the journey.

When it comes to clothing, it’s important to pack wardrobe staples in neutral colours which can be mixed and matched accordingly.  Even if you’ve got an iron in your hotel room, you might not have the time to use it. Take the hassle out of your trip by packing non-iron items. Such as an Eton shirt in white or light blue. Make sure you roll all of your clothes instead of folding them as this reduces the chance of creasing.  A pair of slim fitting Lee jeans in dark blue or black are a great smart/casual option and will go with any colour.

The Essentials

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget the miscellaneous items like phone chargers, razors and toothbrush. If it helps you to stay organised, make yourself a checklist before you pack. It’s easy to forget items that you’ll be using before you set off so have another look at your checklist before you leave the house. A watch is a must if you’ve got places to be while you’re away and don’t forget your sunglasses! Even if it’s not sunny they’ll come in useful for hiding your jet-lagged eyes!